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Welcome to Family History Services, in association with Seasonal Gardening Services.

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Over the last few years I have become involved in tracing various friends and relatives family history, and have set up a network of contacts so that I am able to now offer this service to help other people try and discover their family roots.

With TV programmes like BBC2ís "Who do we think we are?" It has become interesting to many people to find out their own past, and where there family came from. I have successfully traced past relatives family histories for a few clients and can now offer this service at a modest hourly rate.

Trial researches have been carried out over the last year with some family histories going back to the 1500ís, but not all will be that lucky!
To be able to start the tracing service I need to know your history as far as you know and the names and ages of relatives that you can remember, then with regular updates and reports I can provide you with a basic family history. The more details you can provide in the beginning the easier it will be to help you. Some certificates can also be provided as proof of search.

  Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Death Certificate

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By obtaining certificates like your birth it gives out all sorts of information like the date you were born. Your mothers maiden name, also your fathers name and occupation, which can start to lead you on your journey of tracing your history.

So next you have the marriage certificate which has even more useful information on it, like when your mother and father married which church they married, what date and who was your mums mothers name and your Dads fathers name, here you are a step further to tracing your history.
Also on this certificate, you will have the rank or profession of your mother and fathers parents.
What is sometimes useful info is who witness the marriage, sometimes. Age is also put down on the certificate but can sometimes be miss leading.

Finally on to the death certificate. Not always a certificate you may want but is also a very good bit of history, when did they die? the age they died, who witnessed the death and what they died of which sometimes even I don't understand what has been written. Should you feel this is the road you want to go down.



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